Abseiling is the recreational sport of descending a cliff safely, while attached to a rope. An objective of the State Abseiling Team is to promote the Activity to our youth members and to ensure that all persons conducting these Activities do so with the best technical and practical skills and training available.

The Scout Association already boasts an enviable safety record with regard to abseiling throughout Australia and the State Abseiling Team is totally committed to maintaining and enhancing that record through the application of effective risk assessment and management procedures. Although the policy and standards for abseiling within Scouting in Victoria are set and monitored by State Abseiling Team, the responsibility 74 Scouts Victoria within Group lines for ensuring that the Leader in Charge of an abseiling activity is both qualified and competent lies with the Group Leader or Leader in Charge of the Group concerned. Full lists of currently qualified leaders are held by the State Abseiling Team and copies will be made available to Districts and/or Groups upon request.