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Abseiling is the recreational sport of descending a cliff safely, while attached to a rope. An objective of the State Ab...(read more)

Adventurous Activities

Welcome to the Adventurous Activities website.  If you are interested in a specific Activity such as Caving, Canoeing e...(read more)


Scout Air Activities Victoria (SAAV) is based at Moorabbin Airport and has been in existence since 1974. SAAV condu...(read more)


The Victorian Scout Bushwalking Support Team is a Victorian Branch adventurous activities team which supports youth memb...(read more)


Canoeing and kayaking provides an excellent opportunity to travel along the waterways and see nature from a new perspect...(read more)


Who can go? All participants must be members of the Scout Association and be Leaders, Fellowship, Rovers, Venturers and...(read more)

Cycling and Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking is becoming increasingly popular as an activity for Scouts and Cycling has always been a favourite. &nb...(read more)


Scouting programs provide a number of ways where youth can be part of environmental learning activities and receive reco...(read more)


Please refer to the Info Book or Training Web site for course details.   Below are some pictures from a...(read more)

Four Wheel Driving

The Victorian Scout Four Wheel Drive Service Unit is a Scouting oriented four-wheel drive club. Membership is open to an...(read more)


Are you good at finding things that are hidden? Geocaching combines satellite technology, bushwalking and treasure hunt...(read more)


Welcome to the Health microsite! One of our priorities, 'Societal issues Recognised and Embraced', is addressed by prov...(read more)


Welcome to Scout Heritage Victoria. Current and past members to the Movement form a band of dedicated volunteers and ar...(read more)


Welcome to the International site for Scout Victoria. Click on the links to look at all the exciting international acti...(read more)

Melbourne Gang Show

Melbourne Gang Show is a youth musical, put on by the Scouts and Guides of the Melbourne area. Gang Show officially rea...(read more)


Patrol Activities are a key part of the Scout Program. Gilwell Park, Clifford Park and Treetops are campsites where regu...(read more)

Performing Arts

Scouts Victoria offers a wide variety of opportunities to be involved in Performing Arts through our 6 Scout Shows in Vi...(read more)

Power Boating

Gain confidence, experience and qualifications in operating a power boat or safety boat through accessing a skills devel...(read more)


The Radio and Electronics team (SRESU) is an adventurous activity and service team operating within Scouts Australia, Vi...(read more)


Flat Water rafting is an inexpensive activity that combine Water Activities with Construction for Cubs and Scouts althou...(read more)


Rock Climbing has been an approved Adventurous Activity within Victorian Branch for many years. ...(read more)


We are really excited to have a specialist high ropes, a low ropes challenge course, a crate stacker/possum glider and o...(read more)


The State Sailing Team is passionate about assisting people to experience all the fun and adventure that sailing ca...(read more)

Scout Band

The Victorian Branch Scout Band offers an opportunity for players of any concert band instruments (i.e. Brass, reed, p...(read more)


Scout Scuba Victoria is a Branch Activity, consisting of Leaders sharing a common passion for scuba diving. The team has...(read more)


Going Places - but on snow See places in alpine Australia as you normally don't - covered in snow and ice Learn how ...(read more)

South Metro Showtime

South Metro Showtime is in full swing! Our show is being rehearsed and we're good to go for you to buy tickets! Every ...(read more)

Special Needs

Welcome to the Special Needs microsite. A thought about "Special Needs": ‘As they grow up, the child needs t...(read more)

Spiritual Development

The scout is required to make the Scout Promise and Law. The Promise commences with:“On my honour I promise That I...(read more)


STAGE is the Scouting Technical Activity Group Entertainment, and has been setup to manage the technical aspects of the ...(read more)


The Victorian Branch Waterski Team, established prior to 1992, ski’s on average over 200 Scouts, Venturers and Ro...(read more)

Whitehorse Showtime

Whitehorse Showtime's 53rd Year! If you are an invested Scout, Venturer or Rover or a member of Girl Guides Victoria (o...(read more)