Scouts Living with Disabilities

Whilst there are many groups who welcome youth members who are
living with disabilities and special needs,
Manningham Tende Beck and 4th Frankston run very active programs
for youth members with special needs.
They draw their membership from a number of
Districts and Regions. 

The leaders of Manningham Tende Beck and 4th Frankston are working together to provide support and information for Leaders who have integrated youth members with special needs in their section.

Participation in Wider Scout Activities: Youth members with special needs/disabilities, whether integrated into local Groups or members of specialised Groups should be encouraged to be involved in activities at all levels of Scouting – Group, District, Region, State, National and International.

Referrals: If you want to contact a specialised Group or talk to a person working with youth members with a specific disability contact the BC Special Needs.

For more information on Manningham Tende Beck please visit their website.

For targeted Disability and Impairment Information Sheets and a local support person contact the Branch Commissioner for Special Needs for further details.  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it