GeocachingAre you good at finding things that are hidden?

Geocaching combines satellite technology, bushwalking and treasure hunting. It is an outdoor game that lots of Scouts regularly play with other Scouts and with their families.

Geocaching:  “Geo” meaning Earth and “cache” meaning to hide or hidden.A cache is a something hidden. Chances are that somewhere you go regularly, there is a cache hidden – Parks and reserves, football ovals, even playgrounds.

At the start of March 2013, there are over 2 Million active caches worldwide to be found by the over 5 million people playing the Geocaching game. Every State in Australia has thousands of them with over 9500 in Victoria!

We can only find them using satellite GPS co-ordinates. GPS = Global Positioning System and can calculate your position to within 3 metres anywhere on planet earth!

Once you arrive at a location with your GPS, your tracking and searching skill come into play.