Gilwell Heritage

Gilwell Park - Russell Troop Room c.1925

The Gilwell Park Heritage team  provides support to the management of Gilwell Park, specifically for Heritage related matters. All Leaders past and present are welcome to become affiliated, with a division of the Australian Scout Fellowship formed to permit all to register. The team  offers advice, expertise and effort to the Park, and has taken on the responsibility of  Gilwell Gifts  as a source of funding of activities. We meet on site every Wednesday.

As well as assisting in the preservation of iconic structures in the park, such as the recently restored Hoadley gates and the Mockler-Ferryman pergola, the team is in the process of establishing an Interpretation Centre in Sycamore Lodge which will tell the story of Gilwell Park and it's surrounds.




                                                                                                            GP. Hoadley gates from road-19-11-2014                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Hoadley Gates                                                                          

 Gilwell- Sycamore Display 15-10-2014 

Sycamore Lodge Display