Gilwell Reunion

Who are we? We are the Victorian 1st Gilwell Scout Group. Our membership consists of ALL Leaders who are holders of the Wood Badge Award at any and all Section levels. Leaders do not have to be currently active in any Section. Once you have been awarded your Wood Badge you are automatically a member for life, even after relinquishment of your Warrant. We are a group of Leaders from various walks of life who all congregate once a year in January, at Gilwell Scout Park, for a 'formal' once a year meeting. Wherever 2 or more Gilwellians meet at any event or function, it IS a Reunion. Our Patrols and Sixes also meet during the year for a more informal weekend away. We also provide tea coffee etc for the adult recognition Awards Day.

Why do we exist?

The Victorian Gilwell Reunion has two main objectives:

  • To promote fellowship and team spirit amongst Leaders who, by undertaking Wood Badge Training, have offered themselves for more effective youth Leadership. and,
  • To suggest improvements, and provide monies and such other assistance as is required to maintain and improve Training Grounds, especially at Gilwell Park, Victoria

How do we do this?We do this by engaging in various forms of fund raising within the Reunion, and by donation of funds as listed on your application form.

When do we meet?Our annual weekend away is usually held on the weekend closest to Australia Day each year. In 2018 this will be from Friday 26th January to Sunday afternoon 28th January.

This is your opportunity to renew friendships and recapture some of the fun and fellowship experienced during your training. The weekend program is packed full of activities and all attendees can enjoy the spirit of Scouting and the beautiful scenery of Gilwell Park. All attendees are able to be as active or relaxed as they like. Please bring your uniform, or at the least your Gilwell Scarf and woggle, which are worn during the formal lunch on Sunday, followed by the Annual Meeting.


Weekend Themes: The weekend is usually run to a theme; our 2017 theme was Once Upon A Time at Gilwell - A Fractured Fairytale. Stay tuned for the 2018 themeActivities are centred around this theme, and many Gilwellians will dress up in theme costumes for dinner and activities on Saturday night. This is not a requirement, but certainly adds to the fun!