Welcome to Scout Heritage Victoria.

Current and past members to the Movement form a band of dedicated volunteers and are our most important asset. There is a multitude of activities required to support such a large facility. We would be happy to hear from anyone who may be interested in assisting us with our work. Join in as a volunteer and discover the many different facets of Scouting since 1907 - Do you know what the Corroboree Cream was used for? Join us to find out this and many other amazing facts!

With each year that passes, it becomes more important than ever to collect and preserve historical material. If you have any items or know of any ex-leader or scout who may want us to preserve their items of Scouting Memorabilia, please refer them to the Heritage Centre.

The Heritage Centre is run by a committee of management, which consists of leaders and Honorary Commissioners and meets bi-monthly.

As well as the Scout Heritage Centre in Melbourne , there are two other Scouting Heritage groups within Victoria. The Pax Hill Heritage Committee has a museum in Ballarat at Pax Hill Scout Camp, whilst the Geelong Scout Heritage Centre is full of Scouting heritage from the local area. For more detail about the three centres click on the links on the right.

It provides an insight into the history of Scouting and to the youth and adult members who have strived to deliver and facilitate the highest quality educational & developmental programs for youth since 1908. The Centre houses over 20,000 items and some of the highlights include:-

  • Uniforms of yesterday - including over 700 scarves
  • Lone Scout Fence Pickets
  • An extensive library including a copy of the 1912 Royal Charter and "Every Saturday"
  • Jamboree memorabilia - Films, photographs, badges, awards, travel bags, meal tickets
  • Changi Prisoner of War Rover Crew artifacts. Due to the extreme value of these artifacts they are not on general display
  • Our collection contains every edition and impression of "Scouting for Boys", except the original Fortnightly Parts, which we have in reproduction only. We have a copy of nearly every book that B-P wrote, including the exceedingly rare "Sketches in Mafeking and East Africa", of which only two other copies are known to exist.