Hoadley Hide

Hoadley Hide is the annual activity-based camp and competition hike for Venturers, run by Rovers and Leaders each Easter in bushland Victoria.

hh2014 winners

Hoadley Hide is an annual Scouting activity (started back in 1952). It is a competitive event where Teams of Venturers hike from activity to activity (called stunts), which are run by groups of Leaders and Rover Crews. A Rogaine and a night hike are some features added recently. Music, videos and a DJ feature at night time campsites. The Hide is organised by the Victorian State Venturer Scout Council of Scouts Australia and runs over the Easter period from Good Friday until Easter Monday. Venturer Scouts and Guides from all over the state (and from other states of Australia) come to take part in this exciting activity that is a highlight of the Venturing year.

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To get in contact with the Hoadley Hide Chief, contact Mathew McKernan (sc.personnel AT vicscouts DOT asn DOT au) for more information.