Melbourne Gang Show is a youth musical, put on by the Scouts and Guides of the Melbourne area.

Gang Show officially reached Melbourne in 1951 thanks to 9th Brunswick Scout group staging Ralph Reader's musical comedy We'll Live Forever. It was followed in 1953 by the first, proper Gang Show. With one show every year, it followed the traditional London revue format from the original Gang Shows, until recently it developed into two, packaged mini shows that we now see today.Melbourne Gang Show has spawned several other local shows in Victoria, among them being Camberwell, South Metro and Whitehorse Showtime.

Gang Show is written, produced, directed, and performed completely by Scouts and Guides. It is supported by a strong team of parent helpers who help to keep things running smoothly. The cast size is usually just in the area of 140 youth members between 11 and 26.Melbourne Gangshow - along with other shows of its kind - gives young people a chance to be involved in a theatre environment while still instilling them with some of the skills and ideals that Scouting and Guiding promote: Self confidence, team work, leadership and friendship, among other things.

While the goal of Gang Show has never been to raise superstars, Melbourne Gang Show has also played a role in the life of many talents in Australia today. Some of these include...

  •     Shane Jacobson (Kenny, Kenny's World, Charlie & Boots)
  •     Dave O'Neil (Comedian and Radio Personality)
  •     Hal McElroy (creator of Blue Heelers and Water Rats)
  •     Esben Storm (a writer of the Round the Twist series)
  •     Julie O'Reilly (Cats, Fiddler on the roof)

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