Rainbow Simpson Award

The Rainbow Simpson Newsletter Award is a prestigious award that recognises excellence in communications within Victorian Scouting. This year, as well as newsletters and magazines, we're also assessing Victorian Scouting websites. There are 3 categories for: Scout Group newsletters; newsletters by other Scouting formations, and Victorian Scouting websites. In each category a winner is determined as the premier communicator within that category. The three winners are then assessed against each other to determine the holder of the Rainbow Simpson Newsletter Award for the next 12 months.

The original concept and purpose of the Rainbow Simpson Award was the encourage Scout Groups to regularly produce high quality and informative newsletters for their membership. The Award was named after the leading Scouter who led with great personal distinction, a highly successful Group of his own while devoting much of his spare time promoting the value of effective communication across the broad Scouting community.

Please note: Newsletter entries must have been published a minimum of four times over the past year.

Entries close on Friday 4th October 2013

Assessment Criteria (click to view)

History of the Rainbow Simpson Award

Electronic entry

  • Entries can be made electronically by This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  • For newsletters attach PDFs of four past copies of your newsletter PLUS details of your publication - circulation, frequency, distribution, and who prepares it (including youth involvement).  Plus the name of your Group or Scouting formation, and contact details.
  • For website entries, give the URL of your website or PDFs of screen pages (and the URL) PLUS equivalent information to that above, eg. any web hit statistics, frequency of update, etc.

Mail entry

Alternatively entrants should send the past six copies of their newsletter or printouts of their web pages PLUS the information described above to:

Rainbow Simpson Award
Scouts Victoria
PO Box 774
Mount Waverley
VIC 3149

Remember: Entries close on Friday 4th October 2013.