Patrol Activities are a key part of the Scout Program. Gilwell Park, Clifford Park and Treetops are campsites where regular scheduled Patrol Camps are available for Scouts.

Gilwell Park Patrol Camping provide all camping and activity equipment and Scouts only need to come with their food, personal items and their completed health form.

The picture below shows dates for Patrol Camping Gilwell Park’s 2017 Activity Camps - Please note both welding camps are now fully booked.

PA Camp 2017 insertcompressed

Clifford Park & Treetops require each Patrol to bring all their own camping equipment,food, personal items and completed health forms.

To view details of a camp, e.g. the activities and what you need to bring with you - first Click the "Events" tab and then Click on the event you are interested in.

These camps can assist Scouts to pass the various sections of their test work.   Some of Gilwell Park Patrol Camps are structured to enable Scouts to earn the Communications, Pioneer/Explorer Environment Badges and World Scout Environment Badges if all the activities are completed.

These activity camps can also be presented to your Troop Council as a Patrol Activity.