The Radio and Electronics team (SRESU) is an adventurous activity and service team operating within Scouts Australia, Victorian State (Branch). Established to provide radio and electronics related activities and services for Scouts, the team provides:

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Membership of the Radio and Electronics team (SRESU) is open to all members of Scouts Australia, Victorian Branch who have an interest in radio or electronic activities. An amateur radio licence is NOT a prerequisite for membership.

The SRESU meets on the second Tuesday of each month (except January) in Mt Waverley and visitors are always welcome. For more information please email the Secretary via our Contact Us page.

Interested in the training provided by the SRESU? We have lots of information on the SRESU web page.

How do we get the SRESU to our activity?

To engage the services of the SRESU, simply visit and complete the on-line form or download a Request for Provision of Services form. Mail the completed form to us, and we will put an event co-ordinator in contact with you to make the necessary arrangements.

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