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Did you know that a cup of coffee investment per week can offer opportunities and improve the lives of young Victorians?


The Victorian Scouts Foundation is building Victoria’s future leaders through the New Group Start-Up Project called the ‘Victorian Scout Circle’.  This project enables Scouts Victoria to put more Scout Groups where they are needed, and I want you to be a part of this.


I would like you to join me in being one of the founding members of the ‘Victorian Scout Circle’ by investing $10 per month (approximately the cost of a cup of coffee per week) into building the success of Scouts across Victoria.


You’ll be helping ensure kids get access to our programs and includes contributing to upgrading our facilities, training leaders and providing additional support. Financial support allows us to be independent and effective.


Many people contributing a small amount makes a big difference. A cup of coffee is a small expense for most of us – this is all we are asking so that together we can build a brighter future for Scouting. All donations are tax deductible, and an annual receipt will be emailed at the end of each financial year.


If you would like to make a difference to the lives of children and young people, please join me in making ‘a cup of coffee per week’ investment by either filling out the enclosed form or by registering your interest via the DONATE button below and following the prompts.

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Kind regards,


Tom Hartley

Vice-President Scouts Victoria





“Young people around the world don’t lack

in ambition, they just lack opportunities.

Scouting provided me and many others

those opportunities.”

Bear Grylls

Adventurer, publisher

and Chief Scout UK



“There was never any question when we came

to Australia that Scouting would be the way

we could help our kids and our families to get

established. Scouting is a big bridge between

Vietnamese and Australian culture.”

Thinh Noang

School teacher

and Footscray citizen of the year



“Scouting set me up for life, building my

capacity for leadership, resilience and a sense

of and passion for community responsibility.

There is no doubt in my mind that Scouting has

given me more than I can ever repay.”

Brendan J Watson OAM

Principal, Catholic Regional College Sydenham


“I owe a lot to Scouting. It’s had to be the

most fantastic influence of my life. It

taught me responsible risk taking.”

Dick Smith

Adventurer, businessman

and publisher


“I was fortunate to have a long association with

the Scouts. Through Scouting I realised that

planning and preparation determined the result

in most things. It also provided me with very

special leadership opportunities.”

David Parkin

University lecturer

broadcaster and AFL coach


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